Enhance Your VS Code Experience with AI

Tabnine: "The AI assistant for Software Developers"

As developers, having a user-friendly and robust IDE can make a huge difference in our day-to-day work. I am part of the vast group that uses VS Code as my primary IDE and I have grown to love it over the years. For fellow VS Code users out there, you know that finding good extensions to install and use can be difficult and tedious. That's why I wanted to share two extensions I recently discovered, which I have found to be quite useful and cool.


Tabnine is an extension that describes itself as an "AI assistant for software developers." It is an extension that I found exceptionally easy to set up in this space. Unlike many others I've tried, which require more configuration like setting up repository connections, this extension simply requires installation and enabling, and then you're good to go.

The benefit of using a tool like this is that it can enhance code production speed while also reducing user logic errors or typos. Here are some of the highlighted features it offers:

  • Code completion: Tabnine provides intelligent code completion suggestions based on context, which can significantly speed up your coding process.

  • Error prevention: By offering suggestions and catching potential errors, Tabnine helps reduce logical mistakes and typos, improving code quality.

  • Efficient coding: With its AI-powered assistance, Tabnine can generate code snippets, predict the next line of code, and offer relevant suggestions, allowing for faster and more efficient coding.


For example, suppose I want to create a function that will take in a list of numbers as a parameter and returns the summation of that list. All I need to do is create a comment stating this,

and above I started writing the comment, it suggested the rest. By clicking the tab key I was able to accept the suggestion.

Similarly, after accepting the submission it created the function for me that I could again accept by pressing the tab key.

I find this to be pretty cool and helpful for some of the more basic tasks that I work on from time to time. It saves me time when defining data objects or dictionaries based on what it can guess from the context you provide. However, A downside to this tool is it doesn't always produce optimized code. Oftentimes, I would have gone a different route or used a built-in function to accomplish a task, such as sorting or filtering.


Overall, I enjoy this extension and find it helpful. I think it could be a useful tool for a lot of developers out there looking to enhance their development experience. If you install it and find it annoying or not useful one day, you could always just disable the extension and go back to more familiar territory.

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